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orth18:: "westernization completed" by AGF, end of november 2003

orth17:: "the abduction of barry" by eight frozen modules, end of october 2003

orth16:: "...bénédiction,draw" by akira rabelais march 2003

orth15:: "bousha blue blazes" by alejandra & aeron (lucky kitchen) january 2003

orth14:: "babies that hunt" by secret mommy, february 2003

orth12:: "heroin + remixes" by stephan mathieu & ekkehard ehlers + remixers, march 2003

orth11:: "most eye: rastabomba remixes" by timeblind, november 2002
...............[featuring kid606, kit clayton and dj/rupture]

orth10:: "thought process disorder" by eight fm, october 2002

orth09:: "fell" by sutekh, april 2002

orth08:: "head slash bauch" by agf, january 2002

orth07:: "gold chains" by gold chains, october 2001

orth06:: "rugged redemption" by timeblind, october 2001

orth05.1-5:: "edits" series by full swing, august 2001-march 2002

orth04: "latke" by kit clayton, january 2001

orth03: "full swing" by full swing, may 2000

orth02: "snauses and mallards" by blectum from blechdom, march 2000

orth01: "bloatware" by timeblind, january 2000