Stephan Matheiu & Ekkehard Ehlers: Heroin + Remixes
by Josef Suchy, Nobukazu Takemura, Freiband, Kit Clayton, Christian Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Carmen Baier and Akira Rabelais

Double-digipak CD & Double Gatefold Vinyl March 2003

Orthlorng Musork are proud to re-release Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers' 2001 classic "Heroin", remastered and with an additional CD/LP of remixes by an all star line up of artists. First released on Brombron in 2001, "Heroin" was received with widespread critical acclaim, described as "a wondrous journey into a very warm, emotional soundspace" (Incursion Music Review) and "a beautiful (if mutant) remnant of pop sentimentality" (Aquarius Records). Recorded and produced in seven days between Christmas 2000 and the dawn of 2001, "Heroin" features a suite of recordings produced in Extrapool's typical rock'n'roll rehearsal space (think trash, beer cans and cigarette stubs - hence the title). Fifty minutes of the warmest sounds imaginable, it bears all the trademarks of its two collaborators: melodies distilled to their essence buried in gently crackling soundscapes; slowly unfolding musical journeys; and the unmistakably warm sounds of forgotten technologies - old amplifiers, hissing softly.

Mathieu [Orthlorng Musork, Lucky Kitchen, Fallt] and Ehlers [Staubgold, Mille Plateaux, Karaoke Kalk] have been slowly, but surely establishing themselves as innovators within the fields of music and sound design, their solo works have been rewarded with generous praise and both have been shortlisted in numerous playlists (Mathieu's "frequencyLib" being shortlisted in The Wire's "2001 Rewind" list and Ehlers' "Plays" in 2002). "Heroin" affords the opportunity to experience their talents combined and the results are a rare joy to experience.

To accompany this re-release Mathieu and Ehlers have commissioned a series of "extensions" (Brief: "Continue the "Heroin" story") by an all star line up of artists including: Fennesz [Mego, Touch]; Kit Clayton [Orthlorng Musork, Vertical Form, ~scape]; Akira Rabelais [Ritornell, Fällt]; and Nobukazu Takemura [Thrill Jockey, Childisc]. Eight sublime tracks veering from the digital splatter of Takemura's "Childs View" to the beautiful resonances of Fennesz' "Codeine", five minutes of cascading guitar lines buried in his trademark shimmering haze. Perfect.
--Christopher Murphy, Fallt, 2002

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

Original (Yellow) Remixes (Gold)
1. New Years Eve 1. Josef Suchy - :quque
2. Rose 2. Nobukazu Takemura - Childs View
3. Turkey Song 3. Freiband - That Which Is Like Them* [mp3]
4. Supertramp [mp3] 4. Kit Clayton - Behind The Scenes* [mp3]
5. Blue Baby 1 5. Christian Fennesz - Codeine
6. Rauch 6. Oren Ambarchi - Black Dalli Rue
7. Herz [mp3] 7. Carmen Baier - Webteil [mp3]
8. Rauch 8. Akira Rabelais - Pferdente
9. Heroique
10. Vinnies Theme * Tracks accidentally switched on CD.
11. Joshuas Theme
12. Blue Baby 2
13. New Years Eve