Musork News: Winter 2004/5
The End Is Near

As the end of 2004 approaches we here at Musork HQ are wistful to announce that we too are at the end. We have one final release in the works, a final statement, a last offering, something new made out of things old, an expression of loves past and present -- composed by Kit Clayton & Orthlorng Sue, mostly out of past Musork releases. This album will be born in the Springtime, until then please enjoy what we already have and visit our online shop for some special deals. We love you and appreciate all your support over the years.

Why do we stop? The simple and honest truth is that we want to devote our time to other creative things. We still love music and we will still be active and supportive of the scene. We aren't in financial ruin, we don't think p2p networks have destroyed the music industry, we don't only want to listen to country western, we just want to take on other projects with as much love and intensity as we did this one.
Here are some updates from the Musorkians you have come to know and love, AND who are still very active in making the music world a better place:

Started her own label out of Berlin and recently finished an album with Vladislav Delay, due out February 14th. AGF and Sue.C are also currently working on a dvd project due out in the Spring.
AGF's new label: www.agfproducktion.com
AGF website: www.poemproducer.com
New agf/delay release: www.agfdelay.com

Akira Rabelais:
Ai omo wan
Hito wo omouwa
Odera no
Gaki no shirie ni
Nukazuku gotoshi

Alejandra & Aeron:
Living in Spain, making music, teaching and travelling:

Blevin Blectum:
Blevin has been performing and recording with the audio/visual trio "Sagan".
Check in on her here: blevin.lsr1.com

Eight Frozen Modules:
Living large in LA and making a ton of music not only as eightfm but also as dubLoner, [a]pendics.shuffle and electronic music composer. Look out for his upcoming split 12" on ZOD with Terminal 11, a great musician who we consider a part of the Musork family even though we never got to put any of his records out.

Gold Chains:
Recently collaborating with Orthlorng co-founder as Gold Chains & Sue Cie. New album on Kill Rock Stars and Kitty-Yo.

Kevin Blechdom:
Partying hard in Berlin and commiserating with the devil. Proof is at:

Secret Mommy:
Still running his own label out of Vancouver, Ache Records, which released his latest cd "Hawaii 5.0".

Stephan Mathieu:
Recently a father for the second time, you can find alot of beautiful mp3's at:

Currently in India but normally making music and practicing for piano recitals in San Francisco.
Sutekh's record label: www.context.fm

After disappearing for a while in lands far East of here he re-surfaced recently in Berlin and has a new record coming out on Laboratory Instinct in the summer of 2005. Check crucial-systems.com for more info.

That's all we have to say for now.

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