The death of music has been heralded many times over, as has religion, wage slavery, and the cheeseburger. Yet none of these pillars of the modern marketplace show any signs of wear. Instead they seem to feed off of their proclaimed demise--their grip tightening about the world every moment.

Unwitting school boys embrace their master, while the stones fly recklessly through the courtyard. Chanting and squealing and stuffing their faces, they flaunt their innocence with pride--at first glance, a monument to human will and the ability to succeed when there is no concept of defeat.

But time has its way.

And the seemingly invincible sprites, have now lost all courage.

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

1. anatomy of a splinter 6. rustle the bush rat
2. gospel train 7. coma waiting
3. slow toy medley 8. recession clouds [mp3]
4. fire weather [mp3] 9. wings over kansas [mp3]
5. privacy [mp3]