Gold Chains: Gold Chains

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There is no more room for you. You have filled your alotted space. There is no more food for you. You have eaten all your rations. There is no more time for you. And finally you must stop. But stopping is not possible. Nothing ever stops. And so you are left in untenable yet inescapable surroundings. We can not help but watch. But we do not want to help. Not that we can not but we will not. You are no longer your own. You belong to those who are watching you. We are no longer the only ones. In the meantime a crowd has gathered. They repeat the words they have said one hundred times in one hundred different combinations. Why do you continue to listen?

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

01 i come from sf [mp3]....... [video]
02 no. 1 face [mp3]
03 back in the day
04 the wonderful girls of hypno [mp3]
05 rock the parti