Timeblind & Co: Most Eye: Rastabomba Remixes

Vinyl/CD EP Availiable Now

Devastating dancehall remixes of this heavy hitter from Timeblind's full length released last fall on CD only on Orthlorng Musork (Rugged Redemption, ORTH06). Here the original is on vinyl for the first time along side remixes from Kid606, Kit Clayton, dj/rupture and Timeblind himself. The CD version includes two bonus Timeblind mixes.

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

1. Timeblind: The Rastabomba (Original) [mp3] 4. Timeblind: Pwana Frenzy
2. Kid606: The Ladies Mix 5. dj/Rupture: Goin to Meet the Man
3. Kit Clayton: Figga dem


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