Full Swing: Summer/11.55.330

Vinyl EP (ORTH03) Availiable Now

another debut for the orthlorng label finds former stol (kitty yo) collaborator stephan mathieu traveling in irreconcilable terrains. fragmenting the acoustic into its elemental roots, these two compositions bring sound to a place where origin is of no concern.

11.55.330 swarms around the listener and envelops everything in its path. something like an icy squall stampeding over oklahoma in the dead of night. sounds of ice and rock scrape against one another--digitized, amplified and ripped apart.

summer starts off somewhere in a dimly lit laboratory in the 1950's. particles bounce off of one another and eventually culminate into a solid mass, echoing the hum of large, mythical machines.

>>i'm a improv drummer, selftought as in most aspects in life. i spent some years in berlin where i had the chance to work with some great musicians from three (or are there already four?) generations, dancers, artists, graphic artists. i met some pretty normal people there as well.
i started to expand my natural preparations of my kit with cheap electronics, indulging in my fascination for the sound of electricity. right now i'm trapped by dsp of my drums and sound in general. i'm extracting my sounds from homeopathic vibrations of their source.
watch out for my recipe for *dibbelabbes* a formidable meal made of tasty nodules. you will find it here someday.

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contact: sssst@musork.com
website: bitsteam.de

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orth05: edits
stol. sommer
from freischwimmer. compilation (ky99026dlp)
courtesy of www.kitty-yo.de