Timeblind: Rugged Redemption

Full Length CD (only) Availiable Now

Experimental in approach, lost in sound, but still twitching with rhythm, Chris Sattinger's music is an exact, high-tech high-resolution rendering of a grainy, noisy, imperfect world.

Rugged Redemption drops dub, pure techno and free jazz as its earthly reference points, varying from seriously-abstract hip-hop to sonic puddles of DSP haze.

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

01 the rastabomba [mp3]
02 deperado move [mp3]
03 dubsturnt
04 4 acres, 20 mules
05 rokdog
06 soulhole

07 redemption();
08 barrels
09 the bramble
10 sweet depression
11 found love [mp3]
12 indestructible