Thought Process Disorder by Eight Frozen Modules

Vinyl/CD LP Availiable Now

Ken Gibson, a.k.a. Eight Frozen Modules, has been spending too much time alone with the machines.

For the past eight years and under several monikers, his maniacal electronic output has graced labels such as Phthalo, City Slang, LO Recordings, and Planet-Mu.

"Thought Process Disorder" presents even more abrasive and disjointed beat music than previous recordings. A violent collection of harsh rhythms, DSP symphonies, and excessive editing, it expounds upon a vocabulary established by artists such as Mu-siq, Alec Empire, and Aphex Twin.

For more information on Eight Frozen Modules, please visit the 8FM website.

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

1. mice 7. nurtured hypochondriac
2. unsuggested environment 8. the truth about jimmy jam
3. thought process disorder [mp3] 9. repulsive guzzle [mp3]
4. diahrrea of the brain 10. tuba tricks
5. hort tubs ore horvon 11. institutionalizing the scatterbrain
6. map fase [mp3] 12. fucj shif [mp3]