Alejandra & Aeron: Bousha Blue Blazes

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The founders of Lucky Kitchen, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman, are well known for fine electronic works, field recordings, and critical thinking. In their latest work, Bousha Blue Blazes, they branch into a more acoustic musical field with the help of Aeron's grandmother Bousha.

Elaine Ruth Pope, or Bousha as her grandchildren know her, has been a singer all her life. She played the lead role in the Detroit Conservatory's production of La Boheme and has been a soloist in choirs since the 1950šs. During a recent visit to Alejandra and Aeron at their home in Spain for Christmas 2001, the trio decided to play music together. The result is a peaceful haunting yet respectful blending of voice, electronics, guitar, piano and recordings of the Spanish Christmas season.

However, this is not classical music. There are crystals and lush ribbons of song but the overall feel to the work is a flowing, composed yet organic atmosphere. The optimism of old Christmas blends with the optimism of new technology. This work is not afraid to be human. An acceptance of the conditions of living on earth, it is sometimes sad, sometimes romantic, but always alive -- two generations coming together to blaze sounds.

More info on Lucky Kitchen, the wonderful label run by Alejandra & Aeron (Spain).

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Tracklisting & mp3's:

1. animo, (after all these years) 7. amapola dust
2. humming radio caro carino 8. old fingers, new pups, mathushek, new haven + new york
3. thanksgiving going on anyway 9. juanita, king chime and florida flash flood
4. day night (everyday is christmasday) 10. I don't know [mp3]
5. learned an instrument 11. know I don't
6. learning from mistakes, good (not fun) 12. end I guess, (everyone was once a whipper snapper) [mp3]